Risk Based Inspection

IBS helps its clients avoid costly unplanned shutdowns using risk-based inspection assessment planning. We help clients with the creation of the basic minimum and recommended elements for developing, implementing, and maintaining an RBI programme.

Analysis of fixed equipment, piping, pipelines, and pressure relief devices at your facility using an RBI approach can increase the effectiveness of your mechanical integrity inspection program while minimizing risk to Health, Safety and the Environment (HS&E) and maximizing resource utilization.

We can train the owner-users, operators, and designers of pressure-containing equipment for developing and implementing an inspection program. We also assess an existing inspection programme and its associated inspection plan for our clients. Our philosophy emphasises safe and reliable operation through risk-prioritised inspection. A can deliver a spectrum of complementary risk analysis approaches (qualitative through to fully quantitative) as part of the inspection planning process. Once delivered the RBI work we can help clients understand the concepts and principles of RBI for risk management, and the steps in applying these principles within the framework i.e.

  • understanding the design premise;
  • planning the RBI assessment;
  • data and information collection;
  • identifying damage mechanisms and failure modes;
  • assessing probability of failure (POF);
  • assessing consequence of failure (COF);
  • risk determination, assessment, and management;
  • risk management with inspection activities & process control;
  • other risk mitigation activities;
  • reassessment and updating;
  • roles, responsibilities, training, and qualifications;
  • documentation and recordkeeping

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