Materials and Corrosion Engineering

Corrosion engineering consulting services for oil and gas, water, energy, transportation and chemicals industry. Services including but not limited to Feasibility study, Corrosion and Risk Assessment studies, Corrosion monitoring testing and evaluation, selection of corrosion monitoring techniques, installation, retrieval of monitoring tools. Study and evaluation of corrosion monitoring results, submission of reports, mitigation of corrosion. Industrial corrosion failure analysis for investigation of root cause.

We provide a comprehensive service in the field of corrosion management and integrity management to the oil and gas industry. We are active supporters of NACE International and participate in both organizational and technical activities of this important association.

We have a team of experts in corrosion; metallurgy; and oil and gas processes that provide our clients with failure analyses services in addition to a full service corrosion inhibitor testing laboratory.

Using our experience, we offer the following services:

  • Consulting engineering in materials selection, corrosion prevention best practices, pipeline coating selection, corrosion inhibition program design, and corrosion monitoring design
  • Preparation of corrosion control manuals for oil and gas pipelines, processing facilities, upgraders and refineries
  • Preparation of engineering guidelines and standards for oil and gas field and plant operations, pressure equipment and pipeline design
  • Design of corrosion monitoring and inspection programs
  • Recommendations on cost effectiveness of existing corrosion mitigation, inspection, and monitoring programs
  • Design and implementation of Integrity Management Programs, including facilitation of Risk Based Inspection (RBI) assessments, coordination of inspection data gathering and database population, and integration with Operation’s data historian
  • Training of field and office staff in materials selection and corrosion prevention best practices for oil and gas operations

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