Material Failure Investigation

An essential aspect of HSE and process safety performance improvement is learning from incidents (accidents as well as near hits/miss) and taking appropriate action to prevent their recurrence. In order for the asset owners to prevent recurrence of such incidents, it’s imperative to ensure that incidents are consistently reported and investigated and that identified actions and learnings are implemented timely. IBS helps its clients create the best practices for the material failure investigations, reporting and investigation of incidents, to ensure that root causes are identified, and that appropriate recommendations are identified and implemented to address these root causes in order to prevent recurrence of similar incidents.

A thorough materials failure analysis is often a key component of the overall root cause analysis of a particular material, component or plant failure. IBS has the range of skills, expertise and techniques to be able to conduct failure analysis for a wide range of materials, components and industries including construction, marine, petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and metals manufacturing.

IBS’ competent team visits the client work sites to collect evidence, select the samples and carry out any necessary testing. All the evidence is then analysed in high technology material failure investigation labs under supervision of IBS’ highly trained forensic engineers.

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